Project Timeline

Equipment Purchase

The grant-funded purchase of all equipment was completed in March. The purchased equipment includes, body cameras, integrated in-car cameras, camera chargers, a wireless access point uplink, a storage server, and associated software applications.

After extended periods of trial with a number of products, WatchGuard Video was selected as the vendor to provide all equipment.


Public Presentation

A public presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18 at 6:00 PM at the Park County Law Enforcement Center. The purpose of this presentation is to inform community members of the intent, purpose, abilities, and policy associated with the Cody Police Department's implementation of body cameras. All community members are welcome and encouraged to attend this presentation.

Equipment Procurement

The body camera equipment is expected to arrive some time before the end of May.

Equipment Installation

Equipment installation is scheduled for the last week in May—or sooner, dependent upon how soon equipment is procured. The installation of equipment in each police patrol vehicle will require all previous cameras, cabling, and equipment to be stripped from the vehicle so that the new integrated in-car camera systems can be installed.

Equipment Deployment

Body camera equipment is tentatively scheduled to be deployed to officers some time in the month of June.


In July, all officers equipped with body cameras will undergo extensive policy-driven training. Training sessions will include demonstrations for proper and appropriate use of body cameras, per departmental policy.